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A site specific installation, commissioned for America Ground, Hastings UK.

airTime uses encoded visual markers embedded in posters placed in the vicinity of America Ground to tell an unfolding story from data. The site specificity of the piece is designed to tell two kinds of stories an immediate one and an extended one. The sequence of the stories are a nonlinear composition, but work as a body of information, however they are indicated here as linier for ease of use.

Here I am playing with states of duality in the Mandé notion of secrecy; which is the idea that information can be revealed and concealed, whilst simultaneously indicating there is something available than meets the eye.

The immediate story is told with posters taking you on a journey around immediate space, their placement indicating that ‘here there is a story to be told’ at that particular intersection point. Audiences are in the contemporary moment and can consuming mix-media e.g. video, audio or 3d models in augmented reality.

Here the extended story is in play; concealed in the significance of poster placement; made apparent through map coordinates and travelling back in time. These converging lines have the potential to take audiences to other places in the built environment; to the data point 1835 where concealed in the bungaroosh are other unremembered stories.

Go to poster ① in America Ground to find markers to the past, take screenshots while using the work, email pictures to the artist.

airTime is made with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, d3.js and Ar.js, together with moving image, audio, QR codes, barcodes, augmented reality, and archival data.

Please note: the event has ended, this is now a demo site only and no longer contains the original extended reality mixed media. To access the demo augmented reality, you will need two screens; on the first download a marker and show it on the screen. on the other continue to the posters on the next screen and follow the instructions, best viewed in the Firefox browser. [here] and follow the how to use instructions on the following page